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Underwater Testing Cable

Underwater Testing Cable

My company produces tester class cable PU sheathed wire and cable, spring has many traditional cable as the special performance, PU cable has high wear resistance, high tensile strength, good cold high elasticity, good heat aging performance, excellent water resistance, excellent weather resistance, resistance to microbial attack, etc. Main business products: spiral cable, cable drag chain, sensor encoder cable, servo motor cable, shielding control cable and power cable.

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Find underwater testing cable from Rongxing Electric now, which is one of professional and leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China. It comes in high quality, low price and high stability. Please rest assured to wholesale quality products made in China from our factory and customized orders are also welcomed.

(1), PU cable heat resistant performance

PU cable used short-term temperature between to 40 ° C to 120 ° C. Long-term use of temperature up to 90 ° C. This temperature also applies to the use of the spiral cable temperature.

(2), PU cable water resistance

Excellent water resistance performance requirements is an essential part of the cable sheath. Hydrolysis temperature is intensifying. A group of it's curve shows that the product has good hydrolytic stability. 20 n/mm is the minimum strength requirement of cable industry in general. The curve shows that in the water of 72 ° C for 20000 hours after the intensity will drop to 20 N/mm.

(3), PU cable weather resistance

In general, ultraviolet light and the sun make product embrittlement, surface discoloration. A sharp drop in mechanical properties. But we by adding ultraviolet light stabilizers and toner can effectively improve the performance. Type polyether PU cable sheath products on ozone has very good resistance, can meet the requirements of VDE 472-805.

(4), PU cable antimicrobial properties

Polyether PU cable type sheathed product has excellent microbial resistance. According to DIN 57472 (VDE), 472-804 standard, the saponification value of polyether type products are less than 200 mg KOH/g, conform to the requirements of the VDE 0282-10. From microorganism erosion.

(5), PU burning performance

Cable industry widely used VDE § 804 standard of class B test. Car industry requirements meet the FMVSS 302 (the federal motor vehicle safety standard) standard. All PU cable cable materials meet the above requirement. UL 94 is an important standard of international general. PU cable cable material of flame retardant grade goods to HB level. PU cable cable materials meet DIN 57472-813 (combustion gas corrosive) requirements.