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The Risk Of Fire To The Data Cable Should Pay More Attention To Prevent
- Oct 27, 2017 -

As the insulation of the Data Cable is composed of a variety of combustible materials, therefore, there is the possibility of explosion and fire, and the Data Cable in the event of fire, the ferocious fire, spread quickly, in the combustion will occur a lot of harmful gases, , And burned, the repair time is long, serious losses, it must be very important to prevent Data Cable fire accident, so to remind you to pay attention to the cause of fire and explosion.

(1) insulation damage caused by short circuit failure. Protection of the Data Cable The lead skin is damaged at the time of laying or the electrical insulation of the Data Cable insulation during operation, causing the insulation between the Data Cable and the lead, and the resulting arc causes the insulating material and the outer protective layer of the Data Cable to burn.

(2) Data Cable overload operation for a long time. Long time overload operation, the Data Cable insulation material operating temperature exceeds the normal maximum heat allowable temperature, so that the insulation of the Data Cable aging, this insulation aging dry phenomenon, usually occurs in the entire Data Cable line. As the Data Cable insulation aging dry, so that insulation material to lose or reduce the insulation properties and mechanical properties, and thus prone to breakdown of fire burning, and even along the length of the entire Data Cable at the same time a number of burning fire.

(3) oil-immersed Data Cable due to height difference drip, oil spill. When the oil-laying Data Cable laying height difference is large, may occur Data Cable drip phenomenon. The result of the flow, so that the upper part of the Data Cable due to the loss of oil and dry, this part of the Data Cable thermal resistance increases, so that the paper insulation coking and early breakdown. In addition, because the upper part of the oil drips down, in the upper Data Cable head to make room and produce negative pressure, so that the Data Cable is easy to absorb moisture and the end of the damp. The lower part of the Data Cable due to the accumulation of oil and produce a large static pressure, to promote the Data Cable head oil. Data Cable damp and oil spills have increased the probability of failure to fire.

(4) intermediate connector box insulation breakdown. The middle connector of the Data Cable joint box is not tightly pressed, the welding is not strong or the material of the joint is improperly selected. The joint is oxidized, heat and flow in the running. When the Data Cable middle joint is made, the quality of the insulating material filled in the middle joint box does not conform Requirements, the infusion of insulating agent, the box has a stomatal and Data Cable box seal bad, damaged and leaked into the moisture, the above factors can cause insulation breakdown, the formation of short circuit, the Data Cable explosion fire.

(5) Data Cable head burning. As the surface of the Data Cable head damp, the Data Cable head porcelain casing broken and lead-out distance is too small, resulting in flashover fire, causing the Data Cable head surface insulation and lead wire insulation combustion.

(6) external fire and heat caused by Data Cable fire. Such as the spread of fire in the oil system, the explosion of oil circuit breaker explosion, boiler pulverizing system or coal handling system, spontaneous combustion of coal, high temperature steam pipe baking, acid chemical corrosion, welding sparks and other fire, Produce a fire.