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Spiral CableResistant To Low Temperature Wear
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Spiral spring cable (spring wire) is a device cable that works with scalability. Generally made with TPU cable. Used to control the mobile device movement of the electrical connection, can quickly rebound in a short time, widely used in automotive, machinery, instruments and other mobile devices. According to the direction of points, mainly the left direction of the coil spring and the right direction of the coil spring. PUR coil spring cable (spring wire) and rubber coil spring cable (spring wire); PUR coil spring cable (spring wire) with flame retardant, oil, acid and alkali , Low temperature resistance, anti-ultraviolet, wear-resistant, anti-hydrolysis as a (spiral spring cable spring line) can choose] more and more widely used materials.

Its main use are:

1. Control system with PUR / PVC sheathed (shielded) coil spring cable (spring wire): used in CNC machine tools, production lines, logistics systems, robots,

2. Power system with PUR / PVC sheathed (shielded) coil spring cable (spring wire): used in processing equipment, cranes, production lines;

3. PUR / PVC sheath for data / bus transmission (shielded) Spiral spring cable (spring wire): Used in CNC machine tools, production lines, logistics systems, robots and so on.

4. Shielded spiral cable. Spiral-type spring cable Series: Spiral cable for instrumentation: Screw cable for automotive power supply: Screw cable for transformer power supply: Spiral cable for large electromechanical equipment: Screw cable for power supply: 5-core spring for automatic meter charging:

5. Spiral cable for a variety of machinery, lifting platform, conveyor, conveyor belt, agricultural equipment, engineering machinery and trucks and other chemical resistance to corrosion, temperature level, the mechanical strength of the higher requirements of the occasion.

6. Auto parts, trailer accessories Paver accessories, leveling equipment accessories accessories thermometer connection cable, compensation wire walkie-talkie accessories vehicle equipment accessories mobile lighting, automatic lift lights accessories crane lift accessories traffic accessories diesel generator accessories boiler Equipment accessories picking machine accessories massage chair accessories lawn machine accessories medical equipment accessories CNC machine tool accessories laser cutting machine accessories aviation equipment with spiral cable:

(1) coil spring cable (spring wire) diameter d: the manufacture of spring wire cable diameter;

(2) Spiral spring cable (spring wire) Outer diameter D: Large diameter of spring wire;

(3) Spiral spring cable (spring wire) ID D1: Small diameter of spring wire;

(4) Spiral spring cable (spring wire) Length L: Static length of spring wire under external force;

(5) Spiral spring cable (spring wire) Working length L0: Dynamic length of the spring wire under which the external force is seated;

(6) Helical spring cable (spring wire) Expansion length A: Total length of the straight line required to wind the spring wire;

(7) coil spring cable (spring wire) stay tail length: two left to stay with L1 and L2, respectively;

(8) spiral spring cable spiral direction: there are left and right spin of the points, commonly used right-handed, drawings do not specify the general use of right-handed.