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Spiral Cable PUR Cables PVC Spiral Cables
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Spiral cable | Spiral cable PUR | PVC spiral cable

Spiral cable consist of a root or insulated wires twisted together into sets of wires and cables, Qu Rao on the metal mandrel to complete spin, then bake for 30 minutes to 120 minutes of heat-processing training after cooling, cooling air cooling and water cooling. This retractable cable spiral State (time is determined by the temperature and sheathing materials).

Advantages of UR spiral cable

Polyurethane sheath spiral cable, wide scope, and optimal performance. Also available as a drag chain cables

PUR spiral cable with oil hydrolysis resistance, weak resistance, anti-aging, UV protection, anti-microbial corrosion, and many other excellent chemical properties and abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and many excellent physical properties such as elastic.

Gradually become the dominant type of spiral cable alternative to other types of spiral cable on the market. High elasticity wire applies to mechanical tension, particularly cases of wear,

As well as outdoor drying, moisture, rain and other harsh conditions can be used. Has very good resistance to wear and tear.

This cable can be used in power tools, transportation equipment, agricultural equipment.

This cable in PVC spiral cable's biggest drawback is the relatively high price.