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Spiral Cable Model Selection Elements Do You Know?
- May 22, 2017 -

Spiral cable model selection elements you know?

In the past we share with you the basic knowledge of the Spiral Cable, then share with you some of the screw cable selection elements, I believe will be helpful for your practical application.

First, find out the situation

That is, to accurately understand your actual use of work conditions, such as the size of mechanical stress, ambient temperature, the environment is oil, and indoor or outdoor use. If the use of environmental pollution, the Spiral Cable sheath should be used with oil resistance of the improved material; if the use of ambient temperature is very high or very low, the cable jacket should be used with high temperature or cold resistance of the material; if it is outdoor Use, then you should use the material with weather resistance as a jacket.

Second, the demand is king

For example, some machine equipment, designed to have a mobile handle for a variety of settings and operation, the use of high frequency handle, mechanical stress, the environment and oil, the use of the process, the cable is often friction with the machine The Coupled with the machine tool equipment is expensive and durable assets, the service life is often more than ten years, you can not use low-cost PVC Spiral Cable, and to use the resilience, resistance to mechanical fatigue performance, oil resistance and wear resistance PUR Spiral Cable, and even the use of more high-end rubber Spiral Cable.

Third, consider the cost

Materials accounted for a large proportion of the cost of Spiral Cable, the choice of different materials, will directly affect the price of Spiral Cable, if it is a general application, the ideal environment, tensile stress is not required, elongation is also not demanding, Telephone handle and telephone host cable, you can first use ordinary PVC Spiral Cable, you can meet the requirements, there are cost-effective, no need to use high-priced PUR Spiral Cable, or special rubber Spiral Cable.

In summary, the Spiral Cable selection, to combine the conditions, the actual demand, as well as cost factors to consider, do not have to use the most expensive, do not have to use the cheapest, but must use the most appropriate.