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Spiral Cable Classification Can Be Classified Through The Sheath Material
- Jul 07, 2017 -

  Classification of Spiral Cables

  Spiral Cable classification can be classified through the sheath material, can be divided into: PVC spiral cable, pur-screw cable, PA spiral cable, and rubber spiral cable four kinds.

  PVC Spiral Cable Lowest price But the performance of the worst, not easy rebound, in electrical performance and physical performance is less than other cables, mainly used in low-end equipment, such as telephone lines.

  Rubber spiral Cable, the price is higher than PVC spiral cable, but it should be poor elasticity and easy to stick in the domestic has not been widely used.

  PA Spiral Cable, the highest price, all aspects of superior performance, but because of its hardness is too high, resilience is too strong, in the use of the process is not easy to control, so the scope of application is not extensive.

  PUR-Screw cable, a new type of cable material made of spiral cable, wide range of applications, the performance of the best. The pur-Helix Cable has many excellent physical properties, such as resistance to hydrolysis, weak acid base, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, microbiological corrosion and other excellent chemical properties, abrasion resistance, tearing resistance and good elasticity. Gradually become the dominant type of spiral cable instead of other types of spiral cable in the market.

  Advantages of Spiral Cable

  The structure of the spiral cable makes the use of mobile equipment more convenient, no longer messy, the overall more beautiful equipment, mobile equipment to improve the brand value of the preferred accessories.