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Spiral Cable
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Spiral cable is usually caused by a root or groups of wires twisted together like a rope of wire and cable, and cables through winding thermal processing, eventually cooling to form State, scalable. So we call the spiral cable of the cable.

Also called: spring cable Sling line, Spring wire, wire or flexible wire, and so on.

Spiral cable is used for electric power, telecommunications and related material for transport purposes.

Spiral cable include: spiral cable machinery equipment, electrical spiral cables, communications equipment and spiral optical fiber cables.

Spiral cable name

Full name of the spiral cable is usually more complex, so people sometimes use a simple name (usually a category name) combination type instead of the full name, such as "RVUT3*0.5" represents the PVC insulation PUR sheath spiral cable 3 core 0.5 square.

R: represents the flexible conductor structures, structure of spiral cables are commonly used as flexible conductor, scalable.

V: representative of the insulation material, PVC insulation.

U: represents the shield layer of material, PUR sheathing.

T: Springs, also known as spiral.

The number "3": indicates the number of insulated wire is 3

"0.5": insulated conductor cross-section square copper conductors of 0.5 square.