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Multicore Spiral Cable The Nine Basic Issues That Should Be Noted When Installing The Connection
- May 22, 2017 -

Multicore Spiral Cable installation and connection should pay attention to the nine basic matters

Multicore Spiral Cable professional manufacturer, specializing in the production of special flexible cable, towline cable, bending cable, robot cable, industrial camera cable, industrial Ethernet cable, and custom processing production of various machinery and equipment wiring harness.

Today, there are many cable products on the market, and Multicore Spiral Cable with their own advantages and performance access to a large number of businesses to buy, as a special cable products, its biggest advantage is the flexibility, this feature allows It has played a key role in different harsh environments. In order to optimize the performance of these cables, you should also pay more attention to the basic precautions when installing the connection.

First, in the connection of such cables, the operator should check the environment where the relevant resistance is not in line with the requirements.

Second, to know the installation of multi-core screw cable is more complicated, this time the conductor should maintain sufficient mechanical strength, in the connection where the place can not appear sharp angle phenomenon.

Third, if it is necessary to lay the installation of large cable tray, this time must use a professional equipment to complete the auxiliary.

Fourth, to know the Multicore Spiral Cable which is also divided into high and low voltage cables, usually different levels of cable products, should choose a different form of crimping to complete the entire connection process.

5, in the process of crimping the cable, the conductor of the mechanical strength of the connecting pipe must meet the requirements.

6, harsh environment where the laying of Multicore Spiral Cable connection, the temperature is very critical, usually less than zero degrees Celsius weather, are not suitable for laying the connection.

7, in the removal, transportation, movement and installation of the laying process, should be kept flat cable tray, and should be noted that when dragging the cable tray, because of friction, external forces and other factors, resulting in damage to the insulation of the cable.

8, if the Multicore Spiral Cable will not be used for a long time, be sure to place in a dry and ventilated place, remember not to let the cable damp, exposure and so on.

Nine, in the process of laying and connection, remember that the cable conductor temperature must be kept at 165 degrees Celsius, so as to meet the requirements, to ensure that the laying and connection more secure and reliable.