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Marine Cable Is An Important Supporting Industry Of Shipbuilding Industry
- Jul 20, 2017 -

  Marine cable is an important supporting industry of shipbuilding industry, but China's cable market has been monopolized by foreign markets, in order to make China a real sense of the shipbuilding power, many wire and cable companies to capture this gap, speed up the production of marine cables, This is also a strategic initiative for the entire shipbuilding market.

  Hand twist rubbing the edge of the skin, fade, Marine cable off the word quality difference. Refers to the use of fingers rubbing the insulation of the skin, some low-quality insulated wire skin is easy to fade, especially the red line will appear this problem, after rubbing on the fingers left behind the line of color or printed on the line of the word was erased Generally inferior line. Repeated bending insulated wire, Marine cable three to four times to break. Refers to the repeated bending of insulated wire, poor quality of the marine cable insulation layer is generally poor material, bending 3 to 4 times after the insulation layer will break. According to different purposes, marine cables can be divided into the following three:

  1, marine power cable Uses: for the various types of ships and offshore oil platforms such as offshore oil power, lighting and general control purposes.

  2, marine control cable Uses: Marine cable for the various types of ships and offshore oil platforms such as offshore water control of the general use.

  3, marine communication cable Uses: for a variety of communication communications, electronic computers, information processing equipment, Marine cable signal transmission and control systems.