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How To Determine The Quality Of Drag Chain Cable
- Aug 16, 2017 -

  How to determine the quality of Drag Chain Cable

  In addition to the electrical properties of the cable chain, weatherability, and the use of towline environment, and other basic requirements to match with the equipment, the most important basic feature is: can withstand long bending movement and ensure normal work.

  As the towline may be oil and other pipes (water, gas, etc.), compared with the conventional cable also need to have oil resistance and a certain tensile strength, to ensure that the cable is working properly.

  Drag Chain Cable design, manufacture, the vast majority of the principle and conventional cable close, the difference is: the flexibility of the conductive material, the tensile resistance of the insulation material, the combination of core, auxiliary material with, The protection of the requirements of the shield and the outer jacket of the material and requirements, which are different from conventional cables.

  How to determine the quality of Drag Chain Cable:

  First, the ordinary jacket cable is not into the towline.

  Second, the existence of design defects in the cable: the diameter of the inconsistent core combination, not carefully designed, resulting in uneven cable at all points, resulting in the use of cable life greatly reduced.

  Third, the Drag Chain Cable In order to increase the flexibility and mechanical strength, generally need to be auxiliary features, such as by conventional cable to reduce the lay length is not feasible.

  Fourth, the outer jacket material, the general shrinkage slightly stronger material is conducive to the cable life. Ordinary PVC is not available with Drag Chain Cable outer jacket using standard.