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How To Buy Spiral Cable
- Jun 13, 2017 -

  How to buy spiral cable

  1, cohabitation mixed when you do not pay cheap

  Quality Supervision Bureau of the third quarter of the spiral cable products for quality supervision and spot checks show that a total of 30 batches of samples taken, of which 26 batches qualified pass rate of 86.6%, the main substandard items are conductor resistance, mechanical properties before aging and aging machinery performance.

  2, cut corners of inferior products hidden hidden dangers

  Through the survey reporter found that the same is 2.5 square millimeters of two core copper jacket line, each line (100 meters) price from 65 yuan to 240 yuan range. Then the same is the spiral cable, why the price of nearly half of the difference? Industry insiders told reporters, in fact, inferior products and quality products, the difference is still very obvious. First of all, the most direct approach to poor quality products is cut corners, ordinary wire should be a volume of 100 meters, and these inferior products more than 98% will be less than 100 meters, most of them is eighty or nine meters, and some even sixty or seventy meters, and Ordinary consumers at the time of purchase, only the naked eye can not be measured out.

  At the same time, reducing the cross-sectional area of the wire, such as 2.5 square millimeters of wire, may actually only 2.0 square millimeters, this approach to the general consumer is the biggest hidden danger, if the use of the load is not enough lead to lead Heat up, causing a fire. At the same time the core material is also the business most likely to deceive the consumer, the national standard copper conductor should use electrolytic copper, the purity should be 99.9%, but many manufacturers use recycled copper, impurities are too high, leading to conductor resistance Unqualified.

  3 polished eye quality goods spotted logo

  So how to choose high-quality spiral cable? "First of all, high-quality spiral cable will be marked on the production plant, time and other basic information, the same consumer on the wire will see the 'IEC' logo, the mark on the wire is the most commonly used words, it is international The abbreviation of the Electrotechnical Commission is the earliest specialized international standardization body in the world, along with the 'CCC' logo, which is the abbreviation of the China Electrotechnical Product Certification Committee. At the same time, it should also have the quality system certificate and certificate.

  In addition, the core material for the identification of this can be seen, the general wire core material is made of aluminum and copper, and now the home of the spiral cable to use copper core material, according to international standards for wire core material Of copper should be electrolytic copper, with the naked eye observation, copper color bright, soft color, copper red in the red, indicating that the quality of copper used better, and yellow in the white mostly low-quality copper, in the purchase must pay attention The

  Engineering quality supervision and inspection station engineers said that in addition to see documents, see copper core, the wire depends on its insulation, and other circumstances, look at the insulation of high-quality wire is not to see if it is not thick enough, but Depends on it is not enough even enough thin, because the production process of higher enterprises, can make the insulation layer is thin and uniform, and low-quality factory production process can not meet the standard, so do not even uneven, but also do not thin, So it can be based on this point to determine whether it is the production of regular manufacturers.