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High Temperature Resistance LOHS WireGood Weather Resistance
- Aug 22, 2017 -

At present, with the rapid development of China's economy, some special industries for high-temperature cable has a greater demand and dependence. According to the survey, in recent years, China's high temperature of the cable products are at an average annual rate of more than 20% of the rapid growth.

Domestic fluorine plastic cable is generally used in high-temperature compensation lines such as high-temperature compensation lines and high-temperature signal lines, telecommunications, Ethernet and industrial use of high temperature power lines and control of the type of cable and rail transit locomotive with high temperature power line And so on a wide range of fields.

High temperature cables are also used in high-temperature operating environments and places such as iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemicals and power stations. Where the frequency conversion class equipment with power transmission connection line. At present, with the economic development of China's market for high temperature cable products demand is rising, in this area with the performance of the cable is better than other cables, making the domestic demand for cable products is increasing , The requirements of the product quality is also getting higher and higher.

Has a strong resistance to voltage shock, good shielding, can withstand the frequency of the pulse voltage. Mainly used for variable frequency power supply and variable frequency motor connection between the cable, and rated voltage 1kv and below the transmission and distribution lines, for transmission power. Especially for papermaking, metallurgy, metal processing, mining, railway and food processing industries. The products are mainly composed of cross-linked polyethylene insulation, cross-linked polyethylene insulation, good weather resistance, low transmission impedance, good electromagnetic compatibility; good anti-interference and low radiation performance, and low operating capacitance and symmetrical three Core cable structure design, with a better than the four-core cable transmission performance. Cable conductor long-term maximum temperature of 90 degrees, short-circuit maximum temperature of 250 degrees.