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High Temperature Resistance LOHS Wire Has Excellent Resistance To Aging Resistance
- Sep 26, 2017 -

High Temperature Resistance LOHS Wire is a high temperature resistant wire, usually using solid or twisted silver or nickel plated copper wire. Product features: 1, the working temperature: -80 ~ +250 ℃; short time can be resistant to 300 ℃. 2, conductor: solid or twisted silver or nickel-plated copper wire. 3, insulation: PFA Teflon. 4, color: red / yellow / blue / white / black / yellow green / brown / orange / purple / green / etc.

Features / Uses

Corrosion resistance, anti-oil, strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidants, etc .; with electrical insulation properties, high voltage, high frequency loss is small, do not absorb moisture, insulation resistance; with excellent flame resistance, aging resistance, the use of long life.

Electronic industry, can be used for temperature compensation wire, low temperature wire, high temperature heating wire, anti-aging wire and flame retardant wire; household appliances industry, can be used for air conditioners, microwave ovens, electronic disinfection cabinet, rice cookers, electronic thermos, Heater, electric oven, electric wok, lighting, lighting and other internal wiring.

High temperature cable material

1, heat-resistant material of the wire: refers to the insulation and protective cover material body resin with heat resistance, the main varieties are: polyurethane (up to 155 ℃ level), polyester (up to 135 ℃), polyvinylidene fluoride 150 ° C) and nylon (up to 115 ° C)

2, ordinary materials through a variety of ways to achieve heat resistance: rubber material heat modification (up to 135 ℃), polyfluoroethylene wire modification (90 ~ 120 ℃), polyethylene cable change (105 ~ 150 ℃).

Application of high temperature cable

High-temperature wire is mainly used in communications, automotive, electrical, construction and other industries, such as for mobile soft wire, rubber insulated soft power cable, control wire, heat-resistant construction line, car line, aviation wire, motorcycle wire, Wait.