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Flexible Drag Chain Cable With The Latest Manufacturing Process
- Sep 27, 2017 -

  Flexible Drag Chain Cable with the latest manufacturing process

  Polyurethane has many advantages:

  a. It is not easy for various environmental factors such as PVC aging hardened, it does not like PE as aging and stress cracking, resulting in cable electrical performance and environmental performance degradation.

  b. With the same rubber wear, soft, good weather resistance characteristics, but its processing technology is much simpler than rubber, can be like PVC, PE and other materials, like heating extrusion, Drag Chain Cable without the need for vulcanization.

  c. In the case of - 60 ℃ low temperature, can still maintain a good bending performance, even with a small bending radius bending a number of times will not appear cracking.

  d. with other kinds of cable materials (such as aramid, nonwovens, copper, etc.) adhesion is better.

  Therefore, in some applications where the use of higher requirements, such as mining, oil wells, nuclear power plants, ships and some military field cables, polyurethane materials can be used as a jacket to meet this

  The use of the occasion requirements. Now the polyurethane material is gradually replacing PVC, all kinds of synthetic rubber as the cable jacket, for a variety of harsh environments.

  Polyurethane cable sheathing material performance: a wide range of hardness

  (Shore A15 ~ D90); wear-resistant, about 3 to 5 times the natural rubber, Drag Chain Cable GJB 973A -2004 can fully meet the wear resistance requirements;

  At the same hardness, higher than other elastomer bearing capacity; low temperature flexibility is good, at - 60 ℃ low temperature still has good bending

  Can not be affected by ozone erosion; radiation resistance, in the 105 ~ 106 Gy radiation dose still has a satisfactory use of performance; polyether-type ammonia

  Ester material anti-fungal performance is better, Drag Chain Cable anti-mildew level is generally 0 ~ 1; extensive oil, grease and acid, alkali and other chemical properties.

  In addition, it should be noted that the long-term working temperature of polyurethane sheathing materials generally can not exceed

  100 ℃, or prone to adhesion.

  This PUR outer sheathed control cable is designed for applications requiring a high degree of bending and continuous motion. This cable is widely used as a control cable for towline systems, robots, and mobile drive systems.

  PUR outer jacket, waterproof, antibacterial, flame retardant and other characteristics of the cable in the towline system to maximize the advantages of play, but also to the cable can be -60 ℃ ~ +135 ℃ temperature range to become a reality, the number of machine pause Can be minimized, Drag Chain Cable making the towline system can reduce the number of expensive downtime.