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Drag Chain Cable Main Applications
- Jun 26, 2017 -

  Drag Chain Cable main applications: industrial electronic Systems, automatic production lines, warehousing equipment, robotics, fire systems, cranes, CNC machine tools and metallurgical industry.

  Our tow-chain cable, in order to meet the non-stop movement of the back and forth, the comparison of conventional cables is usually composed of the following parts:

  1. Tensile Center

  In the center of the cable, Drag Chain Cable as far as possible, there is a true centerline fill in the space of the number of cores and the cross area of each core line (rather than, as is often the case, with some filler or waste plastic made of waste cored wire filling) This method can effectively protect the strand structure, prevent stranded wire from being free to the center area of the cable.

  2. Conductor structure

  Cable should choose the most flexible conductor, generally speaking, the finer the conductor, the better the flexibility of the cable, but the conductor is meticulous, will produce cable winding phenomenon. A series of long-term experiments provide the optimum diameter, length and joint shielding combination of single conductors, which have the best tensile strength.

  3. Insulated Core Line

  The insulating material in the cable can not be sticky with each other. The insulating layer also needs to support a single strand of wire per strand. Therefore, Drag Chain Cable only in the high-pressure molding of PVC or TPE materials can be used in the chain of millions of-meter cable in the application process to confirm his reliability.

  4. Stranded Wire

  The Strand structure must revolve around a stable tensile center with the best mating pitch. However, because of the application of insulating materials, the twisted-wire structure should be designed according to the motion state, starting from 12 cores, because it is used as a bundle twist.

  5. Inner Sheath

  The armour-shaped extruded inner sheath replaces the cheap wool material, filler or accessory filler. This method ensures that the strand structure will not be scattered.

  6. Shielding

  The shielded layer is tightly woven in the inner sheath with an optimized braiding angle, Drag Chain Cable and the loose braid reduces EMC's ability to protect and the shielding layer is quickly invalidated by a shielded fracture. The tightly woven shielding layer also has the effect of resisting torsion.

  7. Outer Sheath

  The outer sheath made of different modified materials has different functions, has anti-UV function, has the function of resisting low-temperature, has oil-resistant and cost-optimized.Drag Chain Cable But all of these condoms have one thing in common, high wear resistance, and will not adhere to anything. The outer sheath must be highly flexible but also has the support function, certainly should be the high-pressure molding.