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Data Cable Production Process Often Problems.
- Oct 27, 2017 -

1, series process

Series line process in the entire production process, is to play a decisive role in a process, therefore, Data cable the accuracy of the series process control directly determines the cable of the indicators.

General conductor tolerance within ± 0.002mm, to ensure that the conductor without burrs, smooth round, no oxidation, the conductor after drawing die stretching, the conductor elongation should be between 18% to 24%, not There is a phenomenon of hardening; in the conductor extrusion insulation, to ensure that the insulation diameter tolerance within the control range of ± 0.005mm, and single-line eccentricity control in more than 95%, Data cable the elongation of insulation after stretching the tensile coefficient should be greater than 300 %, Can not appear too long elongation or no elongation of the situation.

In the series process often the following problems:

① broken line is the most serious problem in series production process, resulting in disconnection reasons are:

1). Copper hollow or impurity;

2). Drawing die bad or mold ratio improper;

3). Brush machine soap concentration is not right, or soap flow is small;

4). Drawing machine traction instability

5). The number of turns of copper wire winding is not appropriate;

6). Annealed nickel ring is broken or the surface of the annealing pulley is not smooth;

7). The annealing water temperature is too high or annealed, the preheating temperature is too high

② conductor in the production process will appear eccentric situation.

Conductor into the current, Data cable the conductor eccentric large part of the insulation will be breakdown, in addition to the core mold sleeve installation reasons, but also should check whether the wire in the sink tray, can not be water cooling, in addition to cause eccentric But also cause instability of the outer diameter. The production process will show normal diameter, capacitance and conductor smaller, in the color change or add masterbatch, the masterbatch concentration will affect the conductor capacitance, the greater the concentration of masterbatch, the greater the capacitance, color The ratio of masterbatch control can be adjusted according to the brightness and transparency of the masterbatch, generally controlled between 1% and 1.2%.

③ copper wire oxidation is also one of the most serious problems in series process.

The reason for the oxidation of copper wire is mainly the annealing or preheating temperature is too high, but also to check whether the annealing water is too small or annealing water containing soap, soap concentration should not be too large, generally controlled at 5% to 6% Whether there is a problem inside the annealing furnace is not good, and check whether the drying equipment is poor ventilation and so on.

2, the twisting process

The twisting process is to twist the two single wires at a certain pitch, in the twisted pair should control two points: pitch and retractable thread tension. Pitch and retractable thread tension control decay, crosstalk, return loss, Data cable impedance and other indicators, in the production to ensure that the pitch size is stable, the size of the tension frame to be consistent, otherwise, will cause a large pitch range , The thickness of the conductor is uneven, affecting the speed of the spread caused by amplitude distortion.

In the twisted process often appear the following questions:

① twisted on the line often appear rough surface, before starting to check the single line in the guide wheel, not in the guide wheel is easy to wipe, damage the insulation structure;

② twisted on the line of the wrong line, before starting to check the use of the gear is correct, if the gear is wrong, the pitch deviation is great;

③ there are joints on the twisted line often appear insulation resistance is not ideal, in the cold rolling, the joints should be as smooth as possible, Data cable if left cold rolling glitches, the surface of the casing will be punctured; Staggered for some distance, the two joints too close to the place may also cause insulation resistance is not good.