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China's Marine Cable Market Development Is Very Great Potential
- Jul 20, 2017 -

  China's marine cable market development is very great potential

  At present, because of China's traditional cable market competition situation is already in full swing, and face the problem of oversupply, but in the special cable market is almost confronted with a blank situation. marine cable Faced with this is the rapid development of the market, how to get the initiative may be the urgent need to consider the subject of domestic manufacturers, due to open up the Chinese market has become a cable manufacturers at home and abroad market strategy is an important component.

  Moreover, China's basic measures and many projects, the fire cable market is a huge potential for the development of space. On the other hand, although the Chinese locomotive vehicle wire and cable market development is relatively slow, but with the rise of China's urban subway construction, the market is expected in the next 3 years - 5 years have great potential for development.

  Another example is the nuclear power plant cable, which is mainly distributed in nuclear station nuclear island, conventional island and BOP departments for power transmission, control, computer, instrumentation, a nuclear station cable type of basic and thermal power station the same. However, because the nuclear power plant cable on the halogen-free, low smoke, low toxicity and other technical requirements are very strict, marine cable China can only produce nuclear islands around the use of wire and cable, the rest can only rely on the entrance. China's nuclear power installed capacity is expected to reach 20000MW by 2010, accounting for 17% of China's total electricity generation. The development potential of nuclear power plants provides a good market space for nuclear power plants.

  Other cables, such as marine cables, safety fire cables, locomotive and vehicle cables, and cables for nuclear power plants, are gaining popularity as well as the impact of safety and environmental protection, as well as other factors. These special insulated cables with thermoplastic insulation or cross-linked polyethylene insulation are lightweight, small in size, low in smoke, halogen-free, fireproof and so on, so easy to install, environmentally friendly and safe. In the event of fire, the release of smoke, marine cable toxic gas release is very low, no erosion, can give the staff to escape to win valuable time.

  There is no doubt that in the wire and cable market, competition is becoming increasingly hot will not make people feel comfortable, but it is only limited to the traditional wire and cable market. China's wire and cable industry through several years of rapid development has formed a commensurate scale, marine cable but because the production capacity is greater than demand, the situation of oversupply. And the technical content is not long and very high, for some special needs are still very difficult to meet, based on this situation, the special cable market is coming to the fore, attracting more and more people concerned!

  According to statistics, in 2008, China's marine cable production reached 40 million US dollars, of which 30 million US dollars of products for export, the rest of the products sold in the domestic market. Research shows that China's marine cable export market in the next decade will be an annual growth rate of 5%. marine cable There is speculation that China's wire and cable industry in the first 10 years of the 21st century will be 10% to 15% growth rate, so the next period of time, wire and cable will usher in a strong demand period.