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Weak cable transmission media characteristics
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Security performance requirements for wire and cable products, mainly from the use of various products, conditions of use, as well as ancillary equipment combined with aspects of the relationship. In the performance of a product requires, there is a major, plays a decisive role, should be strict. Others are dependent. Sometimes, certain factors are interacting. Must be considered comprehensive research and analysis.

Electrical properties

Conductivity-conductivity of most products require a good, individual products requires a certain degree of resistance range; electrical insulation-insulation resistance, dielectric constant, dielectric loss, dielectric properties, etc;-refers to the transmission characteristics of high frequency transmission characteristics or electromagnetic compatibility, interference characteristics, and so on.

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength, elongation, bending, flexibility, softness, vibration resistance, abrasion resistance, and resistance to mechanical impact, and so on.

Thermal performance

Product temperature resistant, temperature power transmission cables are used for heating and thermal characteristics, load flow, short circuit and overload thermal deformation and thermal shock, synthetic materials, the thermal expansion of the material and impregnated or coated materials drops performance.

Corrosion resistance and weatherability

Electro-chemical corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance to biological and bacteriological and chemical medicine