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The purpose of shielding
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Shield is under electromagnetic interference environment, in order to guarantee the performance of the transport system, immunity should include two aspects here, namely against external electromagnetic interference and system itself the ability to radiate electromagnetic interference. In theory, cable and connector appearance package with a layer of metal shield layer, can effectively filter out unnecessary electromagnetic waves (shielding systems which is currently the most used method), however, the effectiveness of this approach in the end how? Shield system, a metallic shield layer alone is not enough, more important is shielding must be grounded in complete good, so as to effectively import interference current. But, actual construction Shi, shield system exists some not ignored of difficult: due to shield system on grounding of demanding requirements, very easy caused grounding bad, like grounding resistance had big, and grounding potential not balanced,, such in transmission system of a two points between will will produced potential poor, then produced metal shield layer Shang of current, caused shield layer not continuous, damage its integrity. At this time, the shield itself has become one of the biggest sources of interference, resulting in its performance is far better than non-shield system. Shielded wire when high frequency transmission, need to be grounded at both ends, which is more likely to generate an electrical potential difference in the shield. This shows that the shielding requirements of the system itself, constitutes precisely that its performance is the biggest obstacle. a complete shielding systems require shielding, if there is any shield can not meet the requirements, will affect the overall performance of the system. However, currently on the market there was a network hub or computer itself have shield support, so it's hard for the entire transmission link masking.