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Safety rules for indoor fiber optic cable used for resolving
- Nov 12, 2016 -

FTTH after more than 10 years of development, technologies have become more mature. A complete FTTH equipment system includes not only the system node, also includes fiber between node equipment, indoor fiber optic cable and optical cable facilities. According to relevant data Analysis 20% FTTH system failure caused by the line.

1, outdoor optical fiber loose tubes containing cream, serve to waterproof and protect the fiber function. GYTA cable used as a vertical wiring, several years later, the ointment because gravity drip in the cable, fiber attenuation increases after he lost his protection, affect the fiber life. Meanwhile, cable drip grease accumulation in the optical fiber box, and mixed in with dust, pollution distribution facilities.

2, outdoor fiber optic cables have metal armoring layer, for example, GYTA a layer of aluminum tape armored fiber optic cable, the Center with metal reinforcement, metal parts directly into the indoor, easy lightning House.

3, outdoor cable hardness greater indoors is difficult to bend; stripping outer sheath needs dedicated tools, their metal armor material easy to peel; taking into account the ointment in the cable and other factors, increases the difficulty in indoor construction.

4, General outdoor optical cable outer jacket generally not fire-retardant materials, flame retardant Interior wiring cannot be reached, can pose a fire risk.