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Ningbo first ultracapacitor energy storage-type electric buses formally put into operation
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Zhejiang Ningbo electric power company successfully completed the 306 bus bridge West of the Bund station charging cables and transmission work. At this point, the 306 bus routes throughout all 4 charging station operation in Ningbo, the first super capacitor energy storage-type electric bus lines is the official run.

306 road Ningbo city's first super capacitor type modern trolley bus lines. By bus hongtang, Jiangbei Road station of origin and terminus for the East bus station, in addition to the starting point and destination, Keith Ward and West Bridge Station charging stations were built on the Bund, at present, all four sites have completed the infrastructure and power piping equipment, prepare the final equipment installation and commissioning work is going to fully put into operation.

That morning, West of the bridge in Ningbo Bund station met has built electric bus charging. 2 post about 4.5 meters high, an inverted "l", standing in front of the bus stop, like a "Green Guard". It is understood that the super capacitor put in Ningbo, one of the first modern tram 96, apart from the 306 road, 330, route 14, route 207, route 335 will soon become members of the family of trams.