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National ministries to encourage construction of promoting the neighborhood electric vehicle charging infrastructure
- Nov 12, 2016 -

National development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board, the Ministry, Ministry of housing and four departments jointly issued the notice on accelerating the construction of neighborhood electric vehicle charging infrastructure (referred to as the notice), proposes to strengthen existing residential facilities renovation and new construction of residential facilities, project plans to encourage residential construction and development measures, such as charging.

The State four ministries jointly issued a circular, aims to encourage and actively promote neighbourhood charging infrastructure construction. Analysis people pointed out that, new energy technology progress, makes increasingly more people began select low carbon, and environmental, and health of travel tool, and as new energy technology typical representative--electric gradually began swept, especially in Beijing, and Shanghai, and Guangzhou, line city, due to city exhaust pollution, and car limited line, reasons, select electric travel became more people of select, and in Nanjing, and Zhengzhou, and Luoyang, two or three line city, electric also began was more people by accept.