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Double-shielded cable
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Double shielded two-layer shield, first separate total shield, double screened cables but also not very useful, used separate total shield of the majority.

Figure: computer cables, model DJYPVP, depending on the model can be seen as double-shielded cable, twisted wire core group copper wire braid shield, total package tape and overall shield of shields woven between the band and metal wrapped in two ways.

Shielded cable with single shield and double shielding. Double than single layer, and more excellent than twisted-pair shielded cable is armoured type of twisted-pair shielded cable.

Double shielded cable refers to the two layers of shielding, and two shield layers must be insulated and isolated cable! Two-layer shielding layer of insulation between each other (electrically conductive), can only be seen as a shield! The shield should have a good grounding, grounded because the shield was large, there is a great deal of parasitic capacitance, will produce parasitic coupling.

Under the GB50217-2007 code for design of cable and the GB50057-94 and other related provisions of the code for design of building lightning protection: single-layer shielding should be used end equipotential earthing; double isolation layer should be used in the shielding of the end, the outer layer should be grounded at both ends.

Such as armored twisted-pair shielded cable (specifications for commonly used models: ASTP-120 ω (for RS485 and CAN) one pair 18 AWG) is double-shielded cable, shield is braided shielding NET + aluminum foil, outer shield steel tape armor, shield and there is a layer of insulation between the outer shielding layer. When using steel tape armored ground at both ends, the innermost layer shielding grounded at one end! Can be used for frequent and serious disturbance, rodent explosion-proof requirements of the site.