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Charging cable requirements
- Nov 12, 2016 -

Cable for electric vehicle charging system for electric vehicle charging connection to the power supply, is one of the essential equipment for the electric vehicle conductive charging system, the performance of such products for the safe and reliable operation of electric vehicles will have a direct impact.

Function n, electric vehicle charging cable is connected to the electric vehicles and charging for the transmission of electrical energy between carriers. Modern charge technology, there is a high demand on the charging process, namely the need for transfer of information between electric vehicles and charging and charge appropriate control. (2) all along, the electric-vehicle safety is the focus of attention in the industry, and its security are highly valued. Electric vehicle charging cable ensures excellent insulation properties on the basis, should also have a high resistance to ageing and heat resistance j WINS, but also with good low smoke fire retardant performance to reduce potential damage and loss in the accident. (3) in General, the electric-car charging cable has two modes of use: one is placed in the car, with automobile use in different environments; the other is placed in the road, shopping malls, parking, hotel, garage and other places charge post. No matter what kind, charging cables are susceptible to sunlight, weather, oil, wet, freezing and other effects of adverse conditions, and in use may often need to bend, pull, it inevitably cable scratching, abrasion and grinding and other damage. These are bound to the flexibility of the cable, and mechanical flexure have higher-2 charging cable at the request of reference standards

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