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Charging cable material chosen
- Nov 12, 2016 -

China national standard GB/'f 20234-2011 connected devices for electric vehicle conductive charging is explicitly provided for in, using ambient temperature for charging connection for Yan 30~ 60) 0C which would require charging cable must have good cold resistance. Referred to above in actual use in the process of charging cable must also have a high degree of heat resistance, aging resistance, low smoke flame resistance, good flexibility, bending and mechanical properties

Raw material currently on the market there are polyurethane, silicone rubber, EPDM, chlorinated polyethylene as insulating and sheathing materials, such as rubber, performance analysis of several materials are as follows

(D poly ammonia cool material: strength and wear performance best, but also compared hard, elastic poor; (force silicone rubber material: Hardy sex and heat sex very good, can in BU 50~ 35 printing ℃ of temperature range within long-term using also can keep rubber elastic, has is good of electric insulation sex, and resistance fatigue sex, and resistance ozone sex, and anti-impact sex, also can long-term in daylight Xia exposed using, but its anti-pulled sex poor, elongation rate insufficient, mixed material easily Xia tablets, and price high; (3) b c rubber material: allows of work temperature in (-40} +125) 0C, is saturated-grade materials, with high chemical resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance, thermal stability, also have good water resistance, heat-resistant, such as steam, electric insulation properties. (4) chlorinated polyethylene rubber material: are chlorine and polyethylene by substitution reaction, a modification of polymers. The chlorine content is less than IS% is the plastic content in the 1601c}24% between the j WINS, is a thermoplastic elastomer, rubber elastic body between the 2501c}48% and polar rubber insulation j WINS are not good. Chlorinated polyethylene rubber good heat resistance, aging resistance, flame resistance, ozone resistance and tear resistance, but its elasticity, workability, compression, transgender, oil resistance are inferior to sulfide chloride polyethylene